Celebrating 75 Years of Rhodes Pianos

Crafted in celebration of our 75 years of rich history, from building pianos out of B-17 Bombers to being played by some of the most influential and iconic names in modern music, we are elated to share this milestone with you.

A truly momentous occasion in Rhodes history, CPO Dan Goldman and industrial designer Axel Hartmann’s combined vision of the celebratory limited-edition MK8 is finally realised. After selling out within minutes to customers worldwide, the first-ever limited-edition MK8 piano, the MK8/75AE, now embarks on its onward journey.

Defined with the MK8 and further established with the MK8/75AE, our exacting standards run through the core of the Rhodes identity, as does our quest for perfection.  As such, during the re-evaluation of our production timeline, the product development department at Rhodes made huge advancements to a plethora of components within the MK8 as well as specialist parts exclusive to the MK8/75AE.

Over the past 12 months, the MK8 has undergone significant improvements in both its action and tactile experience. Through refining damper materials and production techniques, coupled with subtle adjustments to key lengths, balance points, and felt thicknesses, the action and feel of the MK8/75AE has evolved even further.

Standing back, taking in the first-ever finished MK8/75AE in all its glory, Rhodes CPO Dan Goldman explains the piano’s significance, “It represents the pinnacle of our collective technological and aesthetic prowess over the last 75 years, culminating in a truly unique, jaw-droppingly stunning piano.” Casting back to early 2023, Dan recalls the conception of this limited-edition MK8 “From the get-go, we sourced only the finest mechanical, electronic and cosmetic parts, and with Axel Hartmann’s industrial design expertise, we were able to bring this dream concept into reality and then some!”

Rhodes HQ in Leeds is bustling with activity, and with plenty to be proud of, production of the MK8/75AE symbolises added poignance for Dan, concluding, “For the whole team here in Leeds, seeing this piano come to life has been a hugely proud moment and proof that Rhodes is back for good! Here’s to the next 75 years!”


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