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Introducing the Rhodes V-Pan: An Iconic Sound from the Rhodes Legacy

If you’re on a quest to add depth and dimension to your keyboard or synth, create mind-bending textures for your guitar, infuse ethereal FX sounds, or even give your vocals a unique twist, look no further than the V-Pan.

For decades, Rhodes has been a trailblazer in the world of music technology. In the 1970s, we introduced the iconic ‘vibrato’ stereo panning effect on the suitcase piano, setting the industry standard for innovation.

$ 39.95
  • Directly modelled from the unique Rhodes MK8 hardware Vari-Pan circuit.
  • Left/Right panning LED’s.
  • Continuously variable waveform for maximum sonic flexibility.
  • Rate goes from super-slow right up into audio rates for synth-esque and ring mod-like effects.
  • Deep depth control.
  • Parameter value readout.
  • Waveform Slew and Smooth controls to further shape/customise the panning waveshape.
  • BPM sync.
Rhodes V-PAN FX Plugin

Bringing the Iconic Legacy into your Studio

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic excellence continued with the ground-breaking Vari-Pan circuit, a hallmark feature of the flagship MK8 piano, which has its roots in the Rhodes panning circuits made famous in countless hit records from the past.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the V-Pan plugin, a testament to our dedication to innovation. This cutting-edge plugin brings the power of the Vari-Pan effect to your fingertips, allowing you to enhance any instrument within your preferred DAW.

Join us on the journey of sonic evolution with the Rhodes V-Pan plugin and unlock limitless creative possibilities for your music.


Rhodes V-PAN FX Plugin


Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with the V-Pan – your ultimate tool to elevate your productions and performances. Whether you’re looking to enrich your keyboard or synth experience, craft mesmerizing textures for your guitar, explore ethereal FX sounds, or give your vocals a unique twist, look no further than the Rhodes V-Pan.

Explore V-Pan’s transformative capabilities to vocals, guitars, synths, keys, and beyond. Be sure to wear headphones to experience the full panning effect of the Rhodes V-Pan.


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