Rhodes Today

A new chapter in Rhodes historY

It’s impossible to reinvent an instrument as iconic as the Rhodes piano. So we’re not going to try. Instead, we’re taking everything we love about the Rhodes MK1 and rebuilding it from the ground up with the highest-quality parts, the most cutting-edge design, and very best engineers.

For Rhodes loyalists around the world, this is a new chapter in Rhodes history; not a new book. Our goal is to create the best version of a Rhodes piano ever made. Nothing more, nothing less. With the Rhodes MK8, we’re returning to the principles, aesthetic, craftsmanship and pride of Harold Rhodes’ originals. We’re paying homage to the past with our gaze fixed firmly on what lies ahead. So whether you’re a Rhodes rookie or a lifelong player: welcome. We think you’re going to like it here.


At Rhodes Music Group HQ, we wanted to share with you our manifesto:

Our mission is to continue founder Harold Rhodes’ development of the highest quality musical instruments.

We will stay true to the Rhodes heritage whilst future-proofing the Rhodes brand for new generations of artists and musicians, with an evolving suite of beautifully designed, lovingly made and inspirational music products. 

Our vision is to enable anyone to experience the joy of playing the electric piano, and in time, we will make Rhodes instruments accessible at a variety of price points.

We celebrate and support the extensive online communities of passionate owners and enthusiasts of Rhodes pianos.

Our agenda is to work with suppliers who use ethically sourced components and production materials whenever possible to limit our impact on the environment.

Business decisions at Rhodes are based on optimizing equal value for all our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include: customers, employees, suppliers, investors, shareholders, funders, communities, and the environment.

Rhodes Music Group is committed to inclusivity across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We invite multiple approaches and points of view and recognise that diversity and an holistic approach is key to innovation. 


Experience Harold Rhodes’ legendary electro-mechanical piano, lovingly constructed in the UK from the finest hand-selected materials. Featuring a precision-manufactured piano, custom preamp, onboard effects and fully customisable aesthetic.

Optimising the iconic sound and aesthetic of the Rhodes MK1, the MK8 delivers improved tone, touch, intonation and dynamics. All critical components have been redesigned from the ground up, using the highest-grade materials, and the very best craftsmanship and contemporary manufacturing techniques.