Rhodes V-Rack Plugin
Elevate your music with the soul of Rhodes
Introducing the V-Rack

Elevate your music to new levels with the soul of rhodes

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the V-Rack draws inspiration directly from the ground-breaking Rhodes MK8 Analogue Preamp and FX circuit, known for its sonically vast and soulful sound. For the first time in the world of music production, these iconic, innovative effects are now available in software rack format, providing keyboard players, guitarists, vocalists, beatmakers, and producers of all genres access to this legendary heritage.

Rhodes, a name deeply rooted in Soul, Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronica and Jazz – and cherished by renowned artists, including Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Stevie Wonder, has shaped the landscape of music for decades. Now, Rhodes is bringing its unique sonic prowess to the heart of your studio and stage, infusing your productions and performances with unmistakable warmth and character.

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Virtual Instrument


The V-Rack delivers seven classic analogue effect emulations, each with a distinctive sonic character. From versatile 3-mode Drive to powerful Resonant 3-Band Parametric EQ/Filtering, Vari-Pan, VCA Compressor with sidechain, 4-Stage VCA Phaser, Bucket Brigade Chorus, and Bucket Brigade Delay. 

Each effect module in the V-Rack is equipped with several extended parameters, allowing you to fine-tune your audio like never before.

$ 124.95

Seven classic analogue stereo effects from the flagship MK8 piano:

  • Diode-based triple-mode Drive circuit with Amount control.
  • Resonant Parametric EQ with Low, Mid Freq/Gain, and High controls.
  • Vari-Pan circuit with Rate/Depth, 4 preset waveshapes, Audio-Rate Modulation and BPM sync.
  • VCA Compressor with Amount and Makeup Gain.
  • VCA 4-stage Phaser with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync.
  • Bucket Brigade Chorus with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync.
  • Bucket Brigade Delay with Time/Feedback/Mix, Tap Tempo, and BPM Sync.
  • Drive and Compressor: Pre/Post switches.
  • Filter: LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, and Peak filter models with variable resonance and Envelope control.
  • EQ: Selectable centre frequencies at 3kHz, 7kHz, and 10kHz.
  • Vari-Pan: Continuous waveshaping, slew, and smoothing.
  • Compressor: Attack, Threshold, and Release faders, plus Sidechain input.
  • Chorus: Channel Delay, Phase, and Spread.
  • Phaser: Resonance, Phase, and Spread.
  • Delay: Ping-Pong Mode, Jitter, Spread, Low, and High Cut.
  • Full channel strip and per-module preset saving and loading.
  • Preset Name Window.
  • Parameter Window.
  • Independent Input and Output faders with selectable metering.
  • Mono button.
  • Collapsible extended parameters area.

Key Features

  • 3 Drive modes including MK8, Saturation and Overdrive.
  • Resonant 3-band Parametric EQ/Multimode Filter with resonant LP/HP/BP/ Peak modes.
  • Vari-Pan circuit with Rate/Depth, 4 preset waveshapes, audio-rate modulation + continuously variable wave shaping with BPM sync. 
  • VCA Compressor with Amount and Makeup Gain.
  • VCA 4-stage Phaser with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync.
  • Bucket Brigade Chorus with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync.
  • Bucket Brigade Delay with Time/Feedback/Mix, clipping, EQ, jitter Tap Tempo and BPM sync.

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Unleash the soulful legacy of Rhodes in your music

This all-in-one powerhouse plugin allows you to experience the flagship MK8 signal path at your fingertips, now consolidated into a single versatile tool, sparing you the hassle of cluttering your channel strip with multiple plugins.

Whether you are looking to add warmth and character to your mix, add colour and life to your keys or synths, dial in some analogue delay to your FX, or add some EQ and dirt to your beats or guitars – the V-Rack is your everyday companion when recording, mixing and mastering your music.

The V-Rack is your gateway to a world of endless sonic possibilities.

Download a 14-Day Trial: V-Rack

Audio Examples

Rhodes V-Rack

Audio examples

Crafted for musicians looking to add the classic Rhodes sound to their workflow, the Rhodes V-Rack plugin offers unparalleled versatility and warmth for musicians across the board.  For optimal experience with the V-Rack, we recommend using headphones.


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