Inside Rhodes HQ #2

The IN-HOUSE Electronics Specialist Behind the MK8.

Meet James Evans, the in-house electronics expert conducting the circuits inside the new MK8.

Rhodes: Hello, James – thank you for speaking with us today. Tell us a bit about your background before joining Rhodes.

James: Before Rhodes, I spent time in various technical roles within audio, starting with a year in industry for Dolby. I then worked on audio DSP systems before moving on to servicing mixing consoles and providing technical support across EMEA. 

Rhodes: What is your specific role at Rhodes?

James: Electronics Engineering Technician – As the years have gone by, I’ve found myself gravitating more towards the technical side. Electronics naturally fall into your lap when it comes to audio equipment and musical instruments.

Rhodes: What is your musical background?

James: Music has always been my biggest passion, and I started playing the guitar at the age of 8. My earliest memory of this would be trying to impress my mum by playing her favourite T.Rex songs. I spent my teenage years playing music with friends and learning other instruments. I then went on to study music at college before completing a degree in Music Technology and Audio Systems at the University of Huddersfield.

Rhodes: What do you enjoy most about working at Rhodes?

James: I’m enjoying the process of taking the MK8 from prototype to production and how much I’ve learnt being part of this. The team around me are industry experts, and I feel lucky to be working with such a knowledgeable and passionate team. 

There’s great energy in the team here at Rhodes and I’m looking forward to the exciting times ahead.

Rhodes: Thank you, James, for being a vital part of the Rhodes team.


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