Inside Rhodes HQ #3

The Artisan Assemblers Behind the MK8.

Meet Olly Havey-Ball, from Leeds Conservatoire graduate to elite piano technician and a driving force in the team tasked with creating the new MK8.

Rhodes: Hello, Olly – thank you for speaking with us today. Tell us a bit about your background before joining Rhodes.

Olly: Before joining the Rhodes team, I spent the bulk of my time working as a Songwriter/Producer and Sound Technician whilst studying at Leeds College of Music. Moving from an albeit aesthetically pleasing but sleepy West-Midland town to Leeds allowed me to dive into a world of music, meet superb musicians and fall in love with this colourful city that I now call home. Shortly after I graduated in Summer 2021, I was presented with and jumped at the opportunity to work at Rhodes.

Rhodes: What is your specific role at Rhodes?

Olly: Piano Technician. I have spent a lot of time with the MK8, learning its intricacies and what makes it so remarkable. I have also assisted in developing some of the mechanical elements of the piano.

Rhodes: What is your musical background?

Olly: I started playing the piano when I was very young. My mum made a point of teaching me as soon as I was tall enough to reach the keys – not that I made it easy for her – I hear I was an absolute pain. When I was ten years old, I then started playing the guitar and, from there, developed my personal music taste. I have tried a lot of different instruments along the way, but guitar and keys are where my heart lies. There is very little music I would not listen to, enjoy or attempt to create.

Rhodes: What do you enjoy most about working at Rhodes?

Olly: Rhodes is a unique place, full of inspiring people and beautiful instruments. It’s hard to say what I don’t enjoy. It is a privilege to care about what you do and feel good at it. Feeling like you’re a part of something and working alongside such a talented and dedicated team is hard to fault.

Rhodes: Thank you, Olly, for being a vital part of the Rhodes team.


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