Defined By You

The long sought-after Rhodes MK8 piano is now available. Inspired by iconic pianos and players of the past; The MK8 is designed to shape the sound of generations to come.

For Rhodes loyalists around the world, this is a new chapter in Rhodes history; not a new book. Our goal is to create the best version of a Rhodes piano ever made. Nothing more, nothing less. With the Rhodes MK8, we’re returning to the principles, aesthetics, craftsmanship and pride of Harold Rhodes’ originals. We’re paying homage to the past with our gaze fixed firmly on what lies ahead. So whether you’re a Rhodes rookie or a lifelong player: welcome. We think you’re going to like it here.

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'Missing Keys' COMPETITION


‘Missing Keys‘: Rhodes is asking you to soundtrack a short film with our new ‘V8’ software. 

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