Grommet, Screw and Washer Set

$ 155.00 (Incl. taxes: $ 25.83)

The quest for optimum tone led us to extensively develop our new Rhodes Offical grommet, screw and washer kit.

Made from a super-tough material that allows un-impeded tonebar vibration but that keeps the tone bars tightly aligned to the pickups, these grommets also have a countersunk top and washer for the best fit (first introduced on the Rhodes MKV).

This keeps the tone bars nicely in place whilst keeping the action regulation (and therefore tone) top-notch at all times.

Never underestimate the effect of new Rhodes Official grommets on your Rhodes’ tone. Also included in the kit are new-sized screws and a different grommet design for the upper tone bars to bring out optimum long sustain in the treble end of your piano.

The Grommet, Screw and Washer Set (73) includes:
146x Grommets
146x Screws
146x Washers

The Grommet, Screw and Washer Set (88) includes:
176x Grommets
176x Screws
176x Washers

Note: Suitable for Fender Rhodes and Rhodes pianos.

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