Rhodes & Blue Note Jazz Club Unite for a Jazz Revolution

The legendary New York City jazz club names the Rhodes MK8 piano as the official piano of the Blue Note.

New York, NY, December 14, 2023 — Rhodes Music, the premier electric piano and software brand, is delighted to announce a collaboration with the iconic Blue Note Jazz Club, a cornerstone of live jazz musicianship in the heart of New York City. Commencing in early 2024, the Rhodes MK8 piano will take center stage as the official piano of the Blue Note. ​ 

New York City stands as a central hub for jazz, steeped in a history where legends like Miles Davis and Charlie Parker graced iconic venues such as the Cotton Club and Café Society. Since 1981, the Blue Note has kept that history alive, showcasing daily acts from today’s jazz greats to exciting young musicians launching their careers.

In a similar vein, the Rhodes electromechanical piano, championed by luminaries like Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, and Patrice Rushen, boasts its own respected roots. The MK8, the latest instrument from Rhodes, serves as a testament to the brand’s past while propelling full tilt into the future. The MK8 is equipped with a stereo analogue effects section, featuring a VCA compressor, bucket brigade chorus, phaser and delay. These effects can be dynamically adjusted using an expression pedal, creating magical moments during a performance. 

“Rhodes is the premier electric piano for any musician. The artists who perform at the Blue Note understand the legacy of Rhodes, and they want to perform using that equipment. Being able to use it within the Blue Note is a win-win situation,” states Blue Note Marketing Director Earl Peterson. 

Blue Note, with its rich history and commitment to bridging the gap between legacy acts and new talent, embodies the spirit of jazz in New York City. The collaboration with Rhodes Music further underscores Blue Note’s dedication to musical excellence and providing an unparalleled live jazz experience.

“Rhodes is a key part of ensuring our artists have everything they need musically,” continued Earl. “This isn’t just someone’s garage that they are performing in; this is the Blue Note, so we want to make sure that we have the top equipment available for them. There is nothing more superior than Rhodes,” emphasizes Peterson. 

The partnership with Rhodes Music adds a new dimension to the Blue Note experience, enhancing the already intimate setting and contributing to those spontaneous moments of greatness that define live jazz.

About Blue Note 
A cultural institution since 1981, the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City has become one of the premiere venues in the world. While jazz is at its core, the Blue Note continues to broaden its offerings with a mission to spotlight contemporary artists across all musical styles, backgrounds and cultures. The club and its sister institutions worldwide continue to draw massive household names with frequent surprise appearances from superstars like Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Quincy Jones, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock and more. 

​Blue Note owns and operates New York’s Blue Note Jazz Club, Sony Hall and Arthur’s Tavern; D.C.’s The Howard Theatre; and Blue Note Jazz Clubs Worldwide, which includes venues in Milan, Italy; Honolulu, HI; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan; Napa, CA; and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.


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