Patrice Rushen – “Haven’t You Heard”

In this edition of Rhodes on Record, we explore an incredible piece of music by one of the pioneers of funk, soul and disco, Patrice Rushen.

Patrice Rushen is a Grammy Award-winning Disco, R&B, and Jazz multi-instrumentalist from California, USA, known for her dynamite keyboard work and stunning voice. When thinking of Patrice Rushen, we may remember some of the countless samples that have kept her immaculate work circulating in popular music. “We’re living in Patrice Rushen’s world.”, The New York Times once stated, “we just might not know it yet”.

The defiantly hopeful disco burner “Haven’t You Heard” from the album “Pizzazz” was released in 1979 with Elektra Records that gives you summer fever with a longing for the dance floor. Rushen, who is an esteemed keyboardist and songwriter, created an electrifying and multi-layered track of funk and soul and is up there as one of the most notable feel-good anthems that transports you back to a time when funk, soul and disco were dominating the music scene.

‘Haven’t You Heard’ was born when ‘Ready’ Freddie Washington, the distinguished jazz session bassist featured with other artists such as Herbie Hancock and Michael Jackson, was then living with Patrice’s family. The two of them would end up jamming daily; the rest is history. Featuring one of the greatest jazz-driver solos of the Rhodes MK1 Piano that is bound to get your hips moving and your spirit enlightened. This inspirational musician was lucky enough to be an endorser for Rhodes during the 70s. Harold Rhodes actually picked the piano from the line for her, which led to the creation of some of the era’s most memorable songs.

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