The Rhodes Showroom, CA

New Rhodes US artist rep, Nick Montoya, brings the MK8 to his California base. 

We are delighted to announce the addition of US Artist Rep Nick Montoya to the Rhodes Music Group Family. Nick has been busying himself setting up a Southern California MK8 Showroom in Santa Barbara called The Rhodes Showroom, CA.

We recently caught up with Nick to get the full low-down on Rhodes new Californian endeavour. 

Rhodes: Hey Nick, it’s great to have you on board as part of the Rhodes team, can you tell us a bit more about your history with Rhodes musical instruments?

Nick: I grew up with the sound of the Rhodes all around me. My mother only listened to a few artists my entire childhood: Stevie Wonder, The Doors and Michael McDonald. Growing up in Los Angeles listening to the radio, it was impossible to escape the sound of twinkling tines.

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest in my mid twenties, I started buying, collecting and refurbishing Rhodes pianos. I learned from the best tech in the area, Larry Church!

I left the Pacific Northwest in 2013 to work for Moog in Asheville, North Carolina. It was there that my electronic repair chops were strengthened by working in the repair department. After working in that department we started the Moog Modular reissue project as well as the Minimoog Model D reissue project, both of which I was highly involved in. 

Rhodes: It’s fantastic to have a member of the Rhodes team located in the piano’s spiritual home, LA. What is the Rhodes community like out there?

Nick: The Rhodes community in Southern California vast. From music studios in Hollywood, to church services and beyond – the spiritual home of Rhodes is rooted in Southern California!

Rhodes: You have set up a Rhodes showroom in Santa Barbara. Can people stop by and play the MK8 there?

Nick: We have a wonderful little showroom in the Santa Barbara area where anyone is welcome to come experience the new MK8 (by appointment). I can’t wait to have more musicians come explore this beautiful new iteration of the Rhodes piano, which I believe is the best version of the instrument ever created. To make an appointment to do so, I encourage people to email me at: [email protected]

Rhodes: The MK8/75AE was a huge hit at the Namm Show, is there much hype building for the release in LA?

Nick: There is definitely a big buzz about the new Rhodes after the NAMM convention. It was delightful to hear so many amazing players come through and connect with the new MK8. A truly magical moment was hearing Stevie Wonder play for us. 

Rhodes: Thank you Nick and best of luck with your new endeavour!

To contact Nick about an exclusive MK8 demo in Santa Barbara, please email: [email protected]


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