Ski Oakenfull Reinvents Classic Sounds with the Rhodes V8 Pro

Musician, producer, and educator Ski Oakenfull, a renowned figure in electronic music and Rhodes enthusiast, has embraced the Rhodes V8 Pro plug-in. As the first official virtual instrument from Rhodes, the V8 Series captures the iconic sound of the electromechanical piano and enhances it with modern features for today’s music producers.

‘Missing Keys’: The Winner’s Story

Following the conclusion of the ‘Missing Keys’ competition, we had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with the winner, Thilo Eichhorn, to learn more about his musical background, creative process, and more. Our insightful discussion with Thilo is sure to inspire and captivate music enthusiasts alike. We invite you to delve further into our conversation with him.

How to get the most out of your Rhodes MK8 on day one

Bringing home a Rhodes MK8 isn’t like bringing home any old instrument. Treated properly, this thing will change your life. Here’s some advice from Rhodes chief product officer (cpo), Dan Goldman, for starting your relationship off on the right note.